New conservatory or patio? A tree stump in the middle of your lawn? DeLisle has the solution - tree stump grinding.


Here at DeLisle we offer a stump grinding service not only for the private sector, but also to the trade. We regularly work with local arborists, tree surgeons, gardening companies, landscapers and the building trade. The photo below shows a selection of some of our tree stump grinders...


DeLisle removes unwanted tree stumps by grinding down up to 18 inches below ground level. No stump is too large for our range of stump grinders, which will ensure all stumps are removed quickly & efficiently.


Such attention to detail prevents regrowth and leaves your garden in a suitable state to begin your next project. Tree stumps can be unsightly and dangerous and may also facilitate the spread of disease. We at DeLisle can remove the stump with minimal disruption to your garden or commercial site and avoid the use of hazardous, and often ineffective, chemicals.


We have a stump grinder suitable for every situation. Whether we are accessing a garden through a flat or going onto a large commercial site we have a stump grinder to do the job. We have portable grinders when there is no clear access right up to remote controlled tracked grinders