Hedge removal & lowering may sound quite straight forward but such work can prove to be more difficult than you might first imagine! Because we, at DeLisle Tree Solutions, have a large range of equipment at our disposal we are able to carry out a professional job for both our commercial & our domestic clients.




Commercial Hedges

The first photo above shows our team working at the Butterfly Farm at Dobbies Garden Centre. The hedge has grown to an excessive height & needed to be lowered. There were high voltage power lines travelling through the hedge so the work could only be undertaken by trained personnel. Here the team were working in a public area and, although the area of works is cordoned off, they always have to be aware of what members of the public are doing. Safety has to come first at all times. The job was carried out quickly & professionally, our team leaving the site clean and tidy.


Domestic Hedges

Domestic & commercial works are of equal importance to DeLisle Tree Solutions. Hedges can often grow out of control and this often results in overshadowing of the house. Our Customers often decide that it is therefore more favourable to remove the hedge and replace it with a fence. As was the case in the photograph to the right, the customer has asked 'DeLisle' arborists to safely dismantle the hedge and grind out the stumps. Another job well done!